1995 Stockholm school of art, Stockholm, SWE

1998-2001 Apprentice in photography, Stockholm, SWE

2004 The history of photography, Konstfack, Stockholm, SWE

2005-2007 Art history, Uppsala Univeristet, Uppsala, SWE

2006 The Image and the gender, Uppsala University, Uppsala, SWE

2006 The Beauty in art, Uppsala University, Uppsala, SWE

2007 Imagery of the Public Room, Uppsala University, Uppsala, SWE

2017 Performance and video, Konstfack, SWE

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Agape, Loyal Gallery, SWE

2017 Toys’R’Us, Loyal Gallery, SWE

2016 Saatchi Saatchi office, Stockholm, SWE

2015 Closer, Loyal Gallery, Stockholm, SWE

2014 Swedish Girls, 0fr Gallery, Paris, FR

2014 Swedish Girls, Bon Gallery, Stockholm, SWE

2004 Changes, Tranan, Stockholm, SWE

Group Exhibitions

2018 Get it for Cheap, Steinland Berliner, Stockholm, SWE

2017 Svenskt Tenn, Stockholm, SWE

2009 SHOOT, Photography of the Moment, Parco, Tokyo, JP

2009 Stil Light, Barcelona, SP

2008 Chi Chi, Chi Chi Potter, Copenhagen, DK

2007 Tiny Vices, Le Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2007 Tiny Vices, Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City, MX

2006 Tiny vices, Spencer Brownstone, New York, NY

2006 Tiny vices, 25 Bold Moves, House at Campari, New York, NY

2006 The 6th Annual Vice Magazine Photo Issue Exhibition, Silverstein Photography, New York, NY

2004 Viva la dekadans, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, SWE

2000 Darling Hearts, Tranan, Stockholm, SWE

2000 My Generation, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, SWE

Photography Books

2019 Agape, Art and Theory Publications, SWE

2017 Toys’R’Us, Loyal Gallery, SWE

2015 Closer, Argent books, SWE

2014 Swedish Girls, A tribute, Argent books, SWE

2011 The Retrospective book of Dazed & Confused, UK

2009 SHOOT, Photography of the Moment, Rizzoli Publication, US

2007 Vice Photo Book, Vice Publications, US

2006 NYLON Street Style, Universe, US

Public Art Installations

2018 Toys’R’us, Malmös Lasarett, Malmö, SWE


Agnès B

Another Magazine

Dazed and Confused


Vanity Fair